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MD JUCO Names 2012 All-Conference Men's Lacrosse Teams

BEL AIR, Md. – The 2012 all-conference teams were released and CCBC Essex saw a conference leading 12 of its student-athletes named.

Amongst the five players who were on the first team for Essex, sophomore midfield Neil Hutchinson was awarded Offensive Player of the Year while sophomore defense Trey Cover was awarded Defensive Player of the Year.

Essex head coach, Shawn Burke was awarded Coach of the Year by the MD JUCO conference. His team finished the season with a 15-2 overall record and an unblemished 4-0 record in the conference.

Harford head coach Hugh Donovan was awarded the Coaches' Association Coach of the Year as his team made a second straight appearance in the semifinals of the Region XX Championships.

Six players from Anne Arundel were named all-conference, including two on the first team. Howard saw five of its student-athletes named to all-conference including three on the first team. CCBC Catonsville and Harford each saw four student-athletes named All-MD JUCO. Two Catonsville players were on the first team while Harford fielded one player on the first team.

Congratulations to all of the student-athletes who were named to the 2012 All-MD JUCO Team as well as the players and coaches who received individual awards also. Below is a list players and coaches who were awarded.

2012 All MD JUCO Men's Lacrosse Teams

First Team

Name                                                     Position                                 Class                      School                  

Tyler Kashur                                        Attack                                    FR                           CCBC Essex        

Austin Keefer                                       Attack                                    SO                           Howard

Andy Thrasher                                     Attack                                    FR                           CCBC Essex

Sean Johnston                                      Attack                                    FR                           Anne Arundel

Patrick Serio                                         Attack                                    FR                           Howard                

Neil Hutchinson                                   Midfield                                 SO                           CCBC Essex        

Jacob Duarte                                        Midfield                                 SO                           Harford

Marcellus Preston                                Midfield                                 SO                           Howard

David Nesbitt                                       Midfield                                 FR                           CCBC Catonsville

Trey Cover                                            Defense                                 SO                           CCBC Essex        

Josh Rufolo                                          Defense                                 FR                           CCBC Essex

Zachary Treakle                                  Defense                                 SO                           Anne Arundel      

Nicholas Gallina                                  Goalkeeper                           SO                           CCBC Catonsville


Second Team

Name                                                     Position                                 Class                      School  

Jason Terry                                           Attack                                    SO                           Harford

Stephen Ceperich                                Attack                                    SO                           CCBC Catonsville              

Collin Snyder                                        Attack                                    FR                           Anne Arundel      

Brian White                                          Attack                                    FR                           CCBC Essex

Austin Spaulding                                 Midfield                                 FR                           CCBC Essex        

Cody Thomas                                      Midfield                                 SO                           Anne Arundel      

Rocco Piliero                                        Midfield                                 SO                           CCBC Essex

Brent Hiken                                          Midfield                                 SO                           CCBC Essex

Tyler Carson                                         Midfield                                 FR                           Anne Arundel      

Daniel Burke                                        Defense                                 SO                           CCBC Essex

Matthew Leitner                                  Defense                                 SO                           Howard

Tracy Armstrong                                 Defense                                 SO                           CCBC Essex

Nate Gilpin                                            Goalkeeper                           SO                           Harford


Honorable Mention

Name                                                     Position                                 Class                      School  

Christopher Rhodes                            Midfield                                 FR                           Anne Arundel

Jeffrey Gooding                                   Midfield                                 FR                           CCBC Catonsville

Ryan Kissner                                        Midfield                                 SO                           CCBC Essex

Ryan Cummings                                 Defense                                 SO                           Harford

Chris Davila                                          Midfield                                 FR                           Howard


Neil Hutchinson                  Offensive Player of the Year                                  CCBC Essex               

Trey Cover                          Defensive Player of the Year                                  CCBC Essex               

Shawn Burke                       Coach of the Year                                                      CCBC Essex                               

Hugh Donovan                    Coaches' Association COY                                      Harford